2020 Youth Power and Hope Awards Contestant Supports KBMSK

Recently, one of our young volunteers, Kyle, a 7th grader at Mt. Vernon Middle School, entered the 2020 Youth Power and Hope Awards contest to explain what they are doing to make our community a better place.  There were 2 questions for him to answer.

1.  Describe or list what you have done to make a difference in your community.

I have volunteered at 4-H and the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen.  My favorite volunteer activity was the soup kitchen.  What I like about the soup kitchen the most was meeting the volunteers and the patrons.  I also enjoyed serving people drinks and helping the soup kitchen recycle by crushing cans.  I like how the soup kitchen doesn’t waste any food.  It is awful to be cold or hungry.  I am glad that I am able to help my neighbors go to sleep at night with a full stomach.

2.  In your own words, briefly describe what community service means to you.

To me community service means helping people who are in need of help such as less fortunate people who can’t always repay the favor.  I like knowing that my community is healthier and safer because of people who volunteer their time.

We are so proud of this young man.  Kids like him make us know that our future is secure!