Freezer Rescue!

Pay special attention to the people in this picture.  You are looking at a group of angels walking among us.  Some sort of electrical board and various wires fried in my 3 year old walk-in freezer yesterday resulting in rising temperatures.  It was packed as full as possible with meat.  For those of you who know me, you can imagine my panic.

But then He took over.  VANCO got a repair person out here right away when they were technically 3-5 days out on repairs.  Indy Mobile Cooler delivered an emergency freezer yesterday evening for us to rent.  Then the Cavalry showed up in force.  People came to our rescue from the H.C. Sheriff’s Department along with one dedicated wife, Greenfield Fire Department, various volunteers answering our plea, an electrician, a local attorney, and students and parents from the GCHS football team.  They formed a “bucket brigade sort of line” and quickly moved the meat from our walk-in to the emergency freezer.  Not one pound of meat was lost.  This whole sequence of events unfolded in less than 3 hours.

Please take away from this story an understanding that the world is not full of bad people.  I believe that good people rose to this occasion because of the love they have for our beloved soup kitchen.  In the words of my grandmother, each of you will get an extra star in your heavenly crown.

My love and my thanks,