A Message of Thanks from Our Executive Director

Dear Friends of the Soup Kitchen,

As most of you know, the past few days have been a bit challenging at KBMSK.  However, because of God’s blessings and this wonderful community, we have triumphed again.  I can’t begin to thank all of you enough who have stepped up so our patrons have never missed a meal since we closed our doors last week.  I have to give special thanks to Costa Stylianou, Lesley Holland, the National Guard, Grant Ford, Pastor Jack (Greenfield Church of God), Dave Cavaletto, Elk’s Club and Holiday Inn. These are the people and places who made this blessing possible.

Also, I want to tell the world that Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen has the most wonderful and caring volunteers who go out of their way to serve our precious people.  Last, but certainly not least, our loyal donors and supporters from all over the country make it possible for our doors to stay open and our beautiful mission to grow.  Together we are an unstoppable force of good serving as we are told to do.

I pray that each of you stays safe and well.  May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Jill Ebbert, Executive Director
Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen