Crossroads Cluster United Methodist Churchs’ Donation

From the Crossroads Cluster of United Methodist Churches – “We, the seven churches of the Crossroads Cluster of United Methodist Churches, realize that people can find themselves in difficult times including hunger, and in need of a nutritious meal. We have recognized Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen as a beacon of hope for those in need.

During the season of Lent, our collective churches gather as one church for special Sunday evening services. Within those services we take up special offerings dedicated to a specific cause. This year, God placed it upon our hearts to donate these monies to help your organization.”

Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church
Liberty United Methodist Church
Fountaintown United Methodist Church
Charlottesville United Methodist Church
Carrollton United Methodist Church
Fairview United Methodist Church
Morristown United Methodist Church

I am so grateful for their enormous support of our beautiful mission. Thank you so much for your donation of $2243! -Jill